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Banarasi Tissue saree S1/SR/6/241505

Banarasi Tissue saree S1/SR/6/241505

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Product Detail: Introducing our latest arrival, a stunning Banaras Tissue saree crafted from premium quality fabric. This exquisite saree features beautiful lacework that adds to its charm. Adorned with a Ganga Jamuna border and temple design, the saree exudes elegance and traditional appeal. It boasts a rich pallu in a contrasting fancy pattern, further enhancing its allure. Complete with a contrast zari-woven blouse, this saree offers a soft and shining look, reflecting its superb quality.

Occasion to Wear: This saree is perfect for various occasions, including weddings, festivals, family gatherings, and cultural events. Its timeless design and luxurious fabric make it suitable for both formal and festive settings. Whether you're attending a traditional ceremony or a grand celebration, this saree will make you stand out with its exquisite craftsmanship and elegant appeal.


  • Pair this saree with traditional gold jewelry or antique accessories to complement its rich Banarasi look.
  • Opt for a classic bun hairstyle adorned with gajra or fresh flowers to enhance the traditional vibe of the ensemble.
  • Complete your look with embellished sandals or traditional footwear for a touch of glamour.

Key Points:

  1. Fabric: Made from pure Banaras Tissue fabric, known for its superior quality and luxurious texture, ensuring comfort and style.
  2. Design: Features beautiful lacework and a Ganga Jamuna border with temple design, adding intricate detailing to the saree.
  3. Rich Pallu: Adorned with a contrasting fancy pattern on the rich pallu, providing an opulent touch to the ensemble.
  4. Zari-Woven Blouse: Comes with a contrast zari-woven blouse, offering versatility and complementing the saree's design perfectly.
  5. Soft and Shining Look: Offers a soft and shining appearance, enhancing the overall elegance and charm of the saree.
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