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Isabella by Karissa Co-ord Set GR 1-2711

Isabella by Karissa Co-ord Set GR 1-2711

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The "Isabella" collection by Karissa introduces a stunning co-ord set called Isabel. Here's a more detailed expansion of the product:

Brand: Karissa
Catalog: Isabella
Design: 4

  • Top and Pant: Crafted from premium pure live viscose silk, ensuring a luxurious feel and a touch of sophistication. The use of high-quality silk adds a subtle sheen to the ensemble, enhancing its overall appeal.


  • Fancy Thread Work: The co-ord set is intricately embellished with fancy thread work, showcasing a blend of traditional craftsmanship and contemporary design.
  • Handwork: The addition of handwork further elevates the set, highlighting the attention to detail and the artistry involved in its creation.


  • The stylish patterns in the design make this co-ord set a fashionable choice for various occasions. Whether you're attending a festive celebration or a special event, the ensemble is designed to make a statement.


  • Ideal for occasions where you want to make a sophisticated and stylish appearance, the Isabel co-ord set is versatile enough to suit different events.
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