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Viscose Bamberg Georgette Saree with Zari Weaving SR 10-3001

Viscose Bamberg Georgette Saree with Zari Weaving SR 10-3001

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Product Detail: Heavy Viscose Bamberg Georgette Saree with Zari Weaving and Contrasting Panel

Step into elegance with our Heavy Viscose Bamberg Georgette Saree, featuring intricate zari weaving all over the saree and a contrasting panel for a stunning visual impact. The addition of tassels and a patterned blouse completes this luxurious ensemble.

Saree Details:

  • Fabric: Crafted from heavy viscose bamberg georgette, this saree promises a luxurious feel and graceful drape, making it perfect for special occasions.

  • Zari Weaving: Intricate zari weaving all over the saree adds a touch of opulence, creating a beautiful play of light and texture.

  • Contrasting Panel: The saree features a contrasting panel, adding a dynamic and eye-catching element to the overall design.

  • Tassel Detail: Tassels are added to the saree for a playful and elegant touch, enhancing the fluidity and movement of the drape.

Blouse Details:

  • Fabric: The saree comes with approximately 1 meter of fabric for the blouse, crafted from a contrasting material.

  • Patterned Blouse: The blouse is designed with patterns that contrast with the saree, creating a harmonious yet distinctive look.

Key Features:

  1. Heavy Viscose Bamberg Georgette: The use of heavy viscose bamberg georgette ensures a rich and luxurious feel, enhancing the overall appeal of the saree.

  2. Zari Weaving: Intricate zari weaving adds a traditional and regal touch, creating a saree that stands out on any special occasion.

  3. Contrasting Panel: The addition of a contrasting panel provides a modern twist, adding visual interest and elevating the overall design.

  4. Tassel Detail: Tassels not only add a playful element but also contribute to the saree's grace and movement, making it a joy to wear.

  5. Patterned Blouse: The patterned blouse in contrast enhances the versatility of the ensemble, allowing for a unique and personalized look.

Styling Tips:

  1. Accessories: Choose statement jewellery that complements the zari work on the saree. A maang tikka or statement earrings can add a touch of glamour.

  2. Footwear: opt for heels or ethnic sandals that match the colour palette of the saree. The right footwear can enhance the overall elegance.

  3. Hairstyle: Experiment with hairstyles such as a classic bun or loose curls, allowing the tassels to frame the face beautifully.

  4. Makeup: Keep the makeup in line with the occasion. A bold lip colour or a defined eye makeup can complement the richness of the saree.

Indulge in the luxury of the Heavy Viscose Bamberg Georgette Saree, a masterpiece that seamlessly blends traditional weaving techniques with modern design elements for a truly captivating look.

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